You want to learn how to eat healthier this spring? Start by thinking of the beautiful produce that you will see pop up at local Farmer's markets and in our grocery stores. Build your meals around fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season. You'll see how you not only feel healthier, everything will taste better too!

Eat Fresh and Eat Healthier This Spring

Breakfast in Spring

Breakfast in the springtime should be light enough to keep one going through the hustle and bustle of the day. Whether that be work, school, or tidying up the house after a long winter. So, put those heavy breakfasts aside. Instead, settle down with some fluffy oatmeal pancakes fresh garnished with fresh strawberries on top.

Another fantastic light solution to those morning hunger pains is eggs. Try making them scrambled with fresh spinach or kale. This is also the perfect season for quick on-the-go breakfasts that can be prepared the night before and eaten over the week! If you're feeding little hands, these sweet potato pancakes are simple to make and are great for tiny mouths to eat alongside you!

Pumpkin Banana Pancakes can be a healthy, energetic morning kickoff for those with an early start to the workday or for the kids as they make their way to the bus for school.

Think Picnic for Lunches

Keeping with the healthy trend that accompanies spring, this is the perfect time to prepare a fresh garden salad at home for the family or for work or any of my fabulous lunches in a bowl. Gone are the days of winter when lunch is typically a quick run for fast food in and out of the cold as fast as possible.

Fresh garden vegetables with a simple dressing made with dill, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and a bit of honey with some oil for a light, healthy meal or mid-afternoon snack. You can substitute all kinds of ingredients in the dressings to suit your palettes, such as ginger or raspberries if you want something tangier.

Of course, if you still find yourself craving after just a salad, spring offers the opportunity to hit the outside and fire up the grill for a flaky fish or juicy chicken breast marinated in an acid, such as lemon or lime juice, and an herb. These two things complement each other very well. The acid gives the meat a unique tang while tenderizing it. The fresh herbs give it that spring taste that everyone loves.

Fresh Dinner Ideas for Spring

Dinner is the time when most people have issues in getting that signature spring taste into their meals. It's hard to give up starchy alternatives that fill you up. Luckily, spring is the season for replacement foods! You can still make your spaghetti or meatloaf, but try substituting Spaghetti or Butternut squash for the noodles or eggplant for the beef.

Seafood is also a fantastic option for dinner. Making a quick crab stew with onion and celery is a fantastic meal you can prepare early in the day and store away, allowing the flavors to develop, making it taste even better once dinner rolls around.

Burgers are, of course, a spring and summer staple. It allows everyone to add toppings to make their perfect creation. Think about caramelized onions, every cheese under the sun, and plenty of crispy greens with all the spices and condiments! There are also veggie burgers that allow vegetarians/vegans to join in on the outdoors fun as well.

Spring Time Sweets and Spirits

Drinks and dessert are a must-have. Light, fluffy cheesecakes and whipped desserts dominate the spring months. Try my berry cheesecake parfaits for a light dessert. It's low in points and satisfies your sweet tooth.

The possibility for drinks is endless; cooling yourself off after work or a day full of outside activities with lemonade is almost cliche, but still so perfect. You can put a twist on it as well, making drinks from any fruit you please. Watermelon is especially thirst-quenching and simple to make using just fresh watermelon, some natural sugar, and a bit of mint! An adult spin can even be put on them with a little bit of your favorite liquor.

Late Night Cravings

Late night, when you're settling down to a good book or a movie with your loved ones and friends, what's better than a light snack to top off the day? Try unsalted, un-buttered popcorn drizzled with a little bit of caramel or butterscotch. It makes for a deliciously sticky concoction that isn't likely to make it past the first half of a movie.

The potential for fresh herbs, tangy dressings, and flaky meats hot off the grill simply is unlimited. Whatever you might crave, spring offers it up and with the healthiest, tastiest spins available.

What Dish Are You Craving This Spring? Tell me in the comments below!

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