Top Resources To Conquer Emotional Eating

Resources To Conquer Emotional Eating

From the time I was young, I struggled with learning to conquer emotional eating. Now that I am in my thirties (yikes!) I'm just starting to understand the triggers that prompt the late-night snack attacks, the urge to reach for a bag of chips when I'm stressed or the feeling of being way too full after a huge meal with my family. If this sounds a little too familiar, then you may want to stick around and bookmark this post. I'm going to walk you through some great resources to conquer emotional eating.

Top Resources To Conquer Emotional Eating

Top Resources To Conquer Emotional Eating

It starts when we're young, the association between food and comfort. In my experiences growing up, food was a way of connecting with the people in our life that we cared about. When life threw tragedies at our family, trays of sandwiches, crock pots of soup and pans of casserole dishes were promptly delivered. In celebration and happy times, our family gathered around a dining room table to indulge in over the top meals, and when your plate was empty, second and third helpings were automatically placed there. From the time I was little, it was always encouraged to eat everything placed in front of me because we didn't want to “waste food.” Sound familiar?

Using Science

If you want to look at the science side of eating, foods that are high in sugar, carbs or protein increase the levels of dopamine in our brains. Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter that gives the sensation of pleasure. When you're searching for the science behind emotional eating, one form of therapy is most commonly used: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, also known as DBT. DBT is commonly used to help those with certain mental health diagnosis, and it's meant as a way to rewire the way you react to certain stimulus. In a way, I can completely see how changing how you react to certain foods or swapping reaching for a soda as a reward for flavored water can be a great way to get healthier.

Here are some tools for Dialectical Behavior Therapy:

Using An Online Course

Conquer Emotional Eating Email Course

I have found that one of the best tools to conquer emotional eating is to have accountability for my actions. This course includes a workbook with over 25 pages to learn all aspects of why you are eating the way you are, how to conquer emotional eating and tools and resources to use along the way. When you purchase this course, you also get access to an online support group and emails every 3 days for at least a month for additional support!

Using An Online Support Group

Social media is a great tool to keep us connected, especially with today's world being what it is. If you signed up for the Conquer Emotional Eating ECourse, then you already know about the Facebook support group. But if you don't then a simple search on Facebook will show you that there are a ton of community groups filled with people who are going through similar struggles. Find a community you feel comfortable with and join in on the conversations!

Using Healthy Cooking

Instead of holding on to the unhealthy foods that you associate with your emotional eating, find something new! I have a bunch of delicious recipes to try, but you can also try Smiley's Points, FoodNService or Emily Bites!

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