Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all approaches, and the WW community is buzzing with excitement! While the PersonalPoints plan was a groundbreaking stride in personalized nutrition, WW is not just resting on its laurels. It's time to explore how WW is reshaping its approach to wellness, offering a more dynamic, adaptable, and yes – even more personalized – journey tailored just for you.

All About The Former WW PersonalPoints Plan by Weight Watchers

new ww personalpoints plan for 2021 2022 weight watchers

This post was written when the plan was first introduced and is no longer the current plan. Please check out our page about Weight Watchers for current plans and up to date information.

This new plan takes the ENTIRE nutritional value of foods and translates it into points. That means that they are looking at calories, protein, fiber, fat (include saturated or unhealthy fats and unsaturated or healthy fats), and added sugar. Unlike the programs of the past, this plan recognizes that every body is different and everyone has different nutritional needs. That's why as soon as you join WW, you will take an assessment to determine what your specific needs are.

How Does Weight Watchers Describe The PersonalPoints Plan?

“Everyone's truth is unique. Everyone's life is unique. That's why it's important to have a weight-loss program that is just as unique as you,” said Mindy Grossman, president and CEO at WW, in a media release. “PersonalPoints is individualized in a way that has never been done before—built around your favorite foods and your goals—so you can still embrace and savor all of life's moments. We give you the tools to build powerful habits—without restrictions, but with results.”

What is on the New WW PersonalPoints Assessment?

Here is my assessment so you can see exactly what it looks like!

The first question the assessment asks is whether or not you have been diagnosed with diabetes. This is INCREDIBLE news for diabetics! Finally, a plan that will actually factor this in to our weight loss journey! But we'll get into that in just a bit. The rest of the assessment asks about your eating habits, the foods you like, your activity level and your sleep habits.

How are my Daily and Weekly Points Calculated?

Each member inputs their information into the app when they first join. It's by using a combination of height, weight, age and gender that they determine what your budget for points should be. However, with the new plan, you can also EARN points by having healthy habits such as drinking water, being active and eating your veggies.

What do we know about the new PersonalPoints system?

  • Diabetics will have a more low carb focused plan to help keep their blood sugar on track. Fruits and Carbohydrates will not be on their zero point list.
  • If you choose all of the protein, you will have more zero point protein options but less daily points.
  • Daily and Weekly points will be lower than they were on Green, Blue and Purple.
  • You will earn extra points for exercise, drinking water and eating vegetables. That will help make up for those lower daily and weekly points!

How Does This New Plan Work?

The app allows you to not only track the food that you eat, but also the water you drink, how much you are sleeping and how much activity you are getting. To help support your healthy habits, the app also gives you options for guided meditations, video workouts and more tools to help you have habits and overall physical and mental wellness.

What kinds of meals can I eat on WW PersonalPoints?

The core of weight watchers has always been to allow you a more normal life of enjoying foods, while providing you a way to be accountable for the choices you make. That means you can still have delicious and filling meals without sacrificing your favorite foods. Check out some of my recipes like:

    What are the possible Zero Point Foods?

    • non-starchy vegetables (the only group that will be ZeroPoints for all members)
    • fruits
    • avocado (new!)
    • fish and shellfish
    • chicken and turkey breast
    • tofu and tempeh
    • eggs
    • plain, nonfat yogurt and cottage cheese
    • oatmeal
    • potatoes
    • corn
    • beans, peas, lentils
    • whole-wheat pasta
    • brown rice, quinoa, other whole grains

    How Will Points Be Calculated For Recipes?

    Because the zero point foods will be different for each person, it's hard to give an exact calculation for points. The good news is that all of the current recipes you have in your app will convert to PersonalPoints. Moving forward, the best thing to do is to simply pop the recipe into your app to see what it would be for you personally. I promise to always have recipes that will be low in points and healthy for you to make.

    What kind of support is there for the new WW Plan?

    The great thing about the app is that you have a built in community right there to support you! There are groups you can join to find others on similar journeys, people who live in your area or just friendly online faces who are there to swap recipes. I have also created a new group on Facebook for us to support each other along the way.

    Practice Mindfulness

    Meditation can be a great tool to use when trying to self-soothe. Instead of turning to food, you can slow down your mind to eat more intuitively with what your body actually needs. This meditation from Smiley's Points is an easy meditation that is under 5 minutes and extremely helpful.

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