Zucchini: The Underrated Vegetable You HAVE to Try

Zucchini is one of the most versatile vegetables you can have in your garden or on your table. It’s inexpensive, packed with important nutrients and high in water content, which makes it a great choice as a staple vegetable.
But there are so many more reasons to incorporate zucchini into your healthy eating habits besides just its price point and nutritional properties. There are even lots of creative ways to incorporate it into your everyday cooking. Let us take a look at some of the many reasons why zucchini is so healthy:

Why Zucchini is Healthy and What to Do with It

must try zucchini recipes on weight watchers ww

First of all, if my mother is reading this… Yes, I’ve finally come to appreciate and even like zucchini. As a child, zucchini and I were not friends. During a family vacation down the Jersey shore, my Godmother purchased an ungodly amount of zucchini because it was on sale… and for our weeklong trip, we had zucchini in almost every meal and in any possible recipes that you could think of. That experience had me convinced I needed to swear off zucchini for life.

It wasn't until suddenly, I was a type II diabetic, desperately trying to get my A1C back under control with a focus on low carb eating. Now that I needed to find replacements for foods that I loved, I found zucchini recipes that suited my cravings. I’m proud to say that rediscovering the zucchini helped me to get my blood sugar back into an acceptable range after choosing the best myWW for diabetes. Now I want to share all this zucchini knowledge with all of you!

What does zucchini do for your body?

Zucchini has absolutely no fat but it does have high amounts of fiber and water along with significant amounts of other vitamins like C, K, B6 and also minerals like potassium. With all of that in mind, what does zucchini actually do for your body?

  • Improves Your Digestion
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties Eases Inflammation
  • Antioxidents to Rid Your Body of Toxins
  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
  • Healthy for your Heart: Increases Circulation & Decreases Blood Pressure.
  • Lowers Cholesterol Levels
  • Improves Eye Health
  • Improves Thyroid and Adrenal Functions

Is Zucchini good for Low Carb or Keto?

Do you want a short answer? Yes, they absolutely are. The longer explanation is zucchini is a low carb powerhouse of nutritional value. With only 3 grams of net carbs for one that is medium-sized, and 2 grams per cup when it’s shredded, you can add zucchini as a substitute for starchier vegetables in soups, as a replacement for pasta or as a binder in recipes like meatballs or even cakes! As a bonus, the fiber in zucchini will allow you to use it in a variety of recipes as a filler to help you stay full longer. This ultimately means that zucchini is a great food to help in weight loss as it is low in carbs, low in calories and high in nutritional value.

Can you have zucchini for breakfast?

original image from BakerbyNature

When it comes to breakfast, zucchini may not be your first thought as an ingredient to use. However, zucchinis are actually considered to be more of a fruit than a vegetable! With that in mind, I went searching for a breakfast recipe for zucchini. I found Baker by Nature, she posted an intriguing recipe for zucchini pancakes using Greek yogurt and whole wheat flour. She suggests serving them with fresh berries and a drizzle of maple syrup. The picture she shared made them look amazing! To be more myWW friendly, use nonfat Greek yogurt.

What are some good zucchini recipes for kids?

Zucchini is a vegetable that is very popular with kids. They are easy to cook and are inexpensive, something that parents love. Some good zucchini recipes for kids are zucchini fries, zucchini fritters, and zucchini lasagna.

What are some tips for making healthy zucchini recipes for kids?

Kids do not like to eat vegetables and zucchini is no exception. However, there are ways to make it enjoyable. Add some spices and seasonings to it, perhaps even fruit This will give the zucchini nice flavor and mask its taste. If your kids love spicy dishes, add some cayenne pepper or chili powder to ramp up the flavor. If you're searching for kid-friendly zucchini recipes, look for recipes that mimic other favorite dishes like these zucchini pancakes or you can find in the frozen aisle bags of zucchini spiral noodles that you can use as a pasta base.

Is it good to eat zucchini every day?

As I mentioned before, zucchini at every meal or even on a daily basis can be a bit much for any person. We also know that too much of anything is never a good thing. That being said, zucchini is a great source of vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy eating habits.

What flavors go well with zucchini?

It is one of the most versatile vegetables as it takes on a lot of the flavors from whatever you are cooking it with. From pizzas to pasta bowls, soups to sandwiches, there’s a recipe out there for everyone.

  • Herbs and Spices: basil, oregano, garlic, thyme, ginger or cinnamon
  • Produce: onion, corn, sweet bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, lemon or mushrooms
  • Cheese: ricotta, goat cheese or feta
  • Protein: salmon, shrimp, eggs, chicken
  • Other Flavors: quinoa, pecans… even CHOCOLATE

Yes, you read that correctly. Chocolate can actually be a great pairing for zucchini as a sweet dish with a little bit of cinnamon! If you are trying to sneak more vegetables into dishes for your children (or for your husband if he’s like mine!) try making zucchini brownies! I found a great recipe that uses gluten-free baking flour, applesauce, and coconut sugar on Texanerin Baking.

What are the best recipes for zucchini?

We have already discussed two great zucchini recipes that I found while researching zucchinis. However, I do have this awesome list from my favorite bloggers that you simply have to try!!

Zucchini Relish

Original Image from Attainable Sustainable

I loved this recipe because it’s different than the other typical recipes you find online. This relish would make a savory topping for a burger and Attainable-Sustainable suggests adding it to egg salad or a meatloaf. This mixture of zucchini, onion, red bell pepper and jalapeno mixed, preserved in a mixture of sea salt, pepper, sugar, vinegar, turmeric, mustard seeds and nutmeg makes this a sweet and spicy bite.

Spicy Taco Stuffed Zucchini Recipe

Start by hollowing out your zucchini to form a canoe or boat shape. Zucchini can be stuffed with so many different things but this recipe by Stefs Eats and Sweets takes its inspiration from a spicy taco. It uses ground turkey, Roma tomatoes, onion, jalapeno and shredded pepper jack cheese seasoned simply with chili powder, garlic, salt and pepper. If you are hunting for zucchini recipes for kids, just take down the spicy level to one that your kids will approve of.

Cantaloupe, Corn and Zucchini Salad

This salad recipe combines the sweetness of cantaloupe and corn with zucchini in a lemon pesto sauce to ramp up the flavor. It is simple to make and would be a great meal to make ahead of time for lunch or dinner on the go. A Calculated Whisk uses a Produce Co-Op in her local area to source her produce, and so do I!

Other Weight Watcher Friendly Zucchini Recipes I Love:

Share your favorite recipe with a friend, pin this to read later or comment below with a recipe you love that incorporates zucchini!

Check out some of my other recipes:

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