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Using Green Chef with MyWW

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I am a huge fan of meal subscription kits like Green Chef. In fact, I think these kits have made me a better home cook because it forces me to try recipes and ingredients that otherwise I may not have chosen for myself. When I started MyWW Green Plan, I was anxious about trying new recipes to incorporate healthy eating while staying within my points. Whether you are currently on the same plan as me, MyWW Blue or MyWWPurple, Green Chef is a subscription box you should look into, keep reading and I'll tell you why.

Using Green Chef with MyWW

Using Green Chef with MyWW showcasing stuffed chicken with spaghetti squash

When you first sign up for Green Chef, you will choose a meal plan that suits you and your family's needs. Choose from:

  • Keto – Low carb, gluten free dinners
  • Paleo – High quality proteins, gluten, grain, dairy and soy free dinners
  • Balanced Living – Flexible meals with meat, seafood and vegetarian dinners
  • Plant Powered – Vegetarian and Vegan dinners
  • Family Plan – Meat, Seafood and Veggie dinners for the whole family

Deciding on a menu could be tricky depending on the other members of your family. However, I can tell you that no matter what plan you choose, the recipes are delicious. For example, I choose the Balanced Living plan, as it made the most sense for my meat-loving husband and picky daughter. With options like Southwest Shaved Steak Salad, Lemon-Mustard Chicken and Thai Veggie Stir-Fry, the possibilities are endless.

How much does Green Chef Cost?

First, let me tell you that by signing up with Green Chef through my link, you will receive $55 off your first box. Isn't that AWESOME? The pricing does vary based on which plan you choose and how many servings you want. It ranges from about $10.49 per meal to $14.99 per meal. However, they have an incredible referral program, so once you fall in love with it, share the love with your friends and get $25 in credit for each friend that signs up!

Is it easy to cancel Green Chef or pause your deliveries?

Absolutely. You can simply pause all of your deliveries or just skip a week right in your account options. If you want to deactivate your account completely, you simply call their customer service line or email them.

Kale Stuffed Chicken with Roasted Spaghetti Squash

One of my favorite meals from our Green Chef box was this delicious twist on a stuffed chicken breast. It starts with a sauteed kale stuffed inside of the chicken breast with an Italian-spiced sunflower seed topping for an added crunchy texture. It's served with a creamy coconut milk infused tomato sauce over roasted spaghetti squash with artichoke hearts. Unfortunately, the amount of oil the recipe called for made it a 15 point meal on myww green plan.

Stuffed Chicken from Green Chef

Check out the original recipe

Instead of using oil on the spaghetti squash and to saute the kale, I used my favorite zero-point cooking spray. l kept the tablespoon of oil for the sunflower topping as I felt it was essential to the topping and a little healthy fat is good for you. This took the recipe down to only 8 points, which was perfectly acceptable on myww Green plan.

Final Thoughts on Green Chef

I was very happy with our box, but it did require a bit of tweaking to lower some of the points. I also tried Home Chef, which is another subscription box I would recommend.

All in all, these boxes are huge time savers and have quality ingredients. They get your creativity going and force you to try some new and different ingredients to break you out of your comfort zone. Give it a shot!

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