With the growing awareness about healthy eating, many people are turning to meal subscriptions for guidance. Meal subscription services offer subscribers access to a curated selection of high-quality ingredients and recipes from top chefs and nutritionists. This guide covers everything you need to know about meal subscription kits for healthy eating.

Ultimate Guide To Using Meal Subscription Kits for Healthy Eating

Whether you’re just getting started in the world of healthy eating or looking to expand your repertoire, meal subscription services can help you do it. These subscription kits help you build a solid eating plan with easy-to-prepare, wholesome meals. You choose the frequency and number of meals per week so there are no surprises. And with programs like Blue Apron and Butter Dish, these services can even help you learn new cooking skills if that’s something you need help with as well. Here’s how these subscription kits for healthy eating can work for you.

How Meal Kits Make Eating Healthy Easier

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, manage your diabetes, or prevent heart disease, eating a healthy diet is key to getting the best results. You don’t have to do it alone, though—meal kits can help. Pairing meal kits with a healthy lifestyle can supercharge your efforts. You can rest assured knowing you’re getting all the right nutrients you need each day. These kits are designed to help you eat healthier without having to do the research yourself. Once you've prepared the meal, use what you learned to plan future meals! I love getting new recipes in my boxes to learn what foods pair well together for easy, nutritious meals.

  • These kits include everything you need to prepare healthy meals—like fresh produce, meat, and fish—that are balanced and complete with essential nutrients.
  • You’re not just getting the ingredients you need to make a balanced meal; you’re also getting advice on how to use them. The instructions for these recipes will walk you through the step-by-step process for preparing the meals.
  • These kits will also show you how to pair different foods together so you get the most out of each meal.

Blue Apron: A Solid Meal Kit for Healthy Eating

Blue Apron and WW

Blue Apron is one of the most popular meal kit services in the country, with offerings that include everything from vegetarian and vegan recipes to Paleo dishes. They have also partnered with Weight Watchers to provide easily identifiable WW Friendly Meal Kits! This meal kit comes with fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions that let you cook at home. Although it comes with a price tag that’s comparable to many other meal kits, it also comes with a few extra benefits. Blue Apron’s meal kit service gives people the chance to explore different types of cuisine from all over the world. Choose from Mexican, Japanese, Italian, and more! You can also swap out certain options based on your own preferences.

Home Chef: The All-in-One Kit for Easy Meals

Home Chef is a meal kit service that only offers fully prepared meal kits. These meal kits come with everything you need to make all of the dishes contained in the kit. This includes fresh, quality ingredients, like fresh produce and high-quality proteins. Home Chef also has a wide variety of different recipes, so you can switch between different types of dishes during the week and you can choose your protein just in case you want chicken instead of pork, etc. I think my favorite part about Home Chef is that it has neurodivergent friendly meal kits, the “Fast and Fresh” options which also include recipe instructions for the microwave! As someone who struggles with executive function often, having something I can toss in the microwave is a HUGE lifesaver for me.

Green Chef: An Organic and Vegetarian Option

Green Chef

Green Chef offers fully prepared meal kits that are all vegetarian and are also certified organic. The kits come with everything you need to make a healthy meal including fresh produce, grains, and proteins. Green Chef also has a wide variety of different recipes, so you can switch between different types of dishes during the week. The meal kits from Green Chef come in three different sizes: two meals for two people, four meals for four people, and six meals for six people. So you can choose a kit based on how many people you want to feed and how many meals you want to make from the kit.

Meal Kits Sold In Grocery Stores

Publix Aprons Meal Kits

If you want to try a meal kit but don’t want to commit to a subscription, you can find several options in the grocery store. Amy’s, a California-based company, offers frozen meal kits that are available at Whole Foods, Target, and some grocery stores across the country. If you're lucky enough to live where there is a Publix, the Apron meals are also a great time saver. You can order these through Instacart to have them delivered as well! These meal kits come with all the ingredients you need to make one or two meals. They’re a good option for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands since you only need to microwave the finished product. They also make it very easy to follow cooking instructions since there are no pots or pans to clean.

Which Meal Kit Will You Choose?

Meal subscription kits offer a unique way to shop for healthy foods. They put all the healthy, whole foods you need in one convenient package at a discount price. You will end up with more produce, dairy, and protein than what you had before. With the right meal subscription kit, it’s easier than ever for you to eat healthy and still enjoy delicious meals every night.

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