Low Carb Reuben Casserole

Starting off on myWW, I was looking for a recipe for a low carb Reuben casserole that would also have low points. It's one of my all-time favorite sandwiches. Whether it's made with pastrami or corned beef (or as a “Rachel” with turkey), a Reuben sandwich has a balance of all the right flavors. The sweetness of the dressing with the tart punch from the saurkraut and the saltiness of the meat. What's not to love? This casserole is going to be a hit in your house, be sure to bookmark it!

This Low Carb Reuben Casserole is a Great Alternative to Corned Beef and Cabbage or a Traditional Reuben Sandwich!

Low Carb Reuben Casserole for WW weight watchers recipe

How do you make the perfect Reuben Sandwich?

This sandwich is a staple at delis all across the world. The intriguing factor with this sandwich is the multiple ways in which it's made. It starts with the bread, typically a version of rye bread. Some opt for a thick bread made with rye and a pumpernickel swirl while others stick to traditional Jewish rye bread.

When you are making a traditional Reuben sandwich, the best way to prevent your bread from getting soggy is to use a layer of cheese as a barrier between the meat and saurkraut mixture and the bread. This video shows the rich history of the Reuben sandwich, how it was created and why it is such a delicious comfort food.

What kind of meat should I use in a Reuben?

Corned Beef or Pastrami Reuben Casserole

When you are trying to decide what your meat of choice will be, you should choose either a perfectly cooked, tender corned beef or thinly sliced pastrami. If you are concerned about points, opt for a pastrami seasoned turkey breast (Boar's Head brand is my favorite). Then, top the meat off with a mixture of saurkraut and Russian dressing. All together, you have a delicious comfort food sandwich worthy of a Manhattan deli corner.

I love to use a combination of pastrami and corned beef, sliced thin, for this recipe. I lay it out on my cutting board and slice it in strips. When you are ready to press it to get the nice crust on the outside of the bread, either lay it on a griddle with an iron sandwich press or place it in a panini grill.

Life Hack: If you don't have a sandwich press, you can wrap a brick in tin foil for the same effect.

How Can I Take Leftover Corned Beef and Cabbage and Make It Healthy?

After a holiday like St. Patrick's Day, you may end up with leftover corned beef and cabbage. This would be the perfect way to use up those leftovers! You can take the cabbage and ferment it down into Saurkraut, which is already a very healthy food on WW as it is 0 points. In addition, it is loaded with probiotics, vitamins C, vitamin K, potassium and calcium!

Saurkraut also goes well with pork, so check out other recipes like herb-rubbed pork chops, cream cheese smothered pork chops, or maple balsamic pork chops to keep things interesting!

If you opt to make your own Russian dressing with greek yogurt and fat-free mayonnaise or miracle whip, check out some low-point dressing alternatives, you'll be able to make a fantastic, healthy dinner for you that your family will love too!

Low Carb Reuben Casserole

Prepare the cabbage by placing it in a bowl and pouring boiling water over top of it. Let it sit for 5 minutes before draining it and laying it down in the casserole dish. Then you will combine saurkraut and a myWW friendly Russian dressing in a bowl. Layering the saurkraut mixture and meat together on top of the cabbage. I am a huge fan of Kerrygold Swiss Cheese, so I opt to lay it out in slices instead of using shredded cheese.

Recipe for Low Carb Reuben Casserole

There are a total of 6 servings in this recipe. It's perfect to serve for a family dinner or to portion out during your weekly meal prep.

6 Points

6 Points

6 Points

**PRO TIP: Boars Head has a delicious pastrami turkey that packs all the flavor of pastrami and it's ZERO POINTS on WW Blue and WW Purple. Substitute this turkey for your meat in this casserole and then it's only 1 POINT PER SERVING!

Low Carb Reuben Casserole in a bowl

Low Carb Reuben Casserole

Yield: 6
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes

Looking for the comfort flavors of a Reuben while staying low carb and low points? This is only about 6 points per serving!


  • 1 lb Corned Beef or Pastrami, Shredded, (34 Points)
  • 4 Green Cabbage Leaves
  • 1/2 cup Saurkraut, drained
  • 6 Slices Swiss Cheese, (6 points)
  • 1 cup Walden Farms Thousand Island


  1. Preheat the oven to 350°
  2. Place cabbage leaves in a bowl and cover it with boiling water. Let it sit for 5 minutes before draining. (If you prefer, add the cabbage to a boiling pot of water for 3-5 minutes until slightly tender)
  3. In another bowl, mix together the saurkraut and ¾ of the dressing.
  4. Lay the cabbage leaves down as the layer to hold your casserole together. Top it with the saurkraut mixture, then a layer of meat, then a layer of cheese. Repeat with the next set of cabbage leaves, saurkraut, meat, but hold off on final layer of cheese.
  5. Bake for 30 minutes. Adjust the oven to a broil and add final layer of cheese. Keep it under the broiler for 3-5 minutes or until the top is slightly golden.
  6. Serve with extra drizzle of dressing to your personal taste
Nutrition Information
Yield 6 Serving Size 1 grams
Amount Per Serving Unsaturated Fat 0g

Low Point Dressings Recipe

I highly recommend making your own salad dressings for recipes like this! When you can control the ingredients, you control the points! If you are looking for an easy zero-point dressing option, stick to the Walden Farms Thousand Island dressing. If you like Ranch dressing, try this one from Smiley's Points!

What other casserole dishes do you like to make for your family?

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