For so many people who were unhappy with Personal Points, this may be just the news you were hoping for. Weight watchers is changing their program in November 2022! Personal Points will be going away and replaced with this new plan. Keep watching this post to learn along with me about what changes you can expect to see.

What Changes Are Coming to Weight Watchers in 2023?

changes to weight watchers for 2022 2023

*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with weight watchers and this is just the information I was able to find through research online. This post was updated November 2, 2022

While Weight Watchers is known to make changes every 2-3 years, it was shocking to many to find out that the program is changing again so soon. If you are in any of the support groups on Facebook, you would have seen that a lot of members weren't happy with personal points and how tricky it was to follow especially if you and a partner were trying to follow it together. This is because Personal Points was more individualized making it harder to have recipes that work for more than just one person.

Is a new plan coming to Weight Watchers in November 2022?

There have been many changes over the years, but from what I'm hearing through the grapevine, this new plan will echo the plans of previous years like WW Freestyle or the myWW Blue Plan. Here's what we know about the new plan coming in November 2022:

  • Everyone will be on the same plan again (except for diabetics)
  • Air-popped plain popcorn will be a new zero point food
  • Previous foods like potatoes, oatmeal, and brown rice will NO LONGER be zero point foods on the new plan.
  • Daily points will be calculated based on age, gender, current weight and height.
  • There will still be a daily and weekly point allowance.
  • You will still earn points for physical activity, but you will not earn for points for drinking water or eating non-starchy veggies.
  • Diabetics will have a slightly different program focusing on lower carbs and sugars.
  • Weight loss is not just about eating healthier and moving more. You'll still develop skills and techniques that will help you shift to the right mindset for weight loss success. The app will still be your resource to do just that!

Why Is Weight Watchers Changing the PersonalPoints Plan?

This is definitely unexpected, as Weight Watchers has been consistent in releasing changes every 2 years. However, PersonalPoints only came out last November. The best answer I can give you from my experience is seeing the feedback that has come from so many of the members with negative experiences on the PersonalPoints plan combined with their own research on effective nutrition and diet plans, which compelled them to make this change sooner rather than later.

What If I Don't Want To Change My Plan?

Unfortunately, once Weight Watchers institutes these changes, that will be the plan available on their app. However, there are other apps that are similar to the previous programs such as Healthi (formerly known as iTrackbites).

Is Weight Watchers Going Back to WW Freestyle or “Blue”?

According to the changes we're seeing, this does look suspiciously similar to the old myWW Blue Plan. It will be so nice to have everyone together on the same plan, for the most part! I think we can all agree that it was frustrating to share recipes with each other, never knowing exactly what the points would be for everyone. It will be a welcome change to go back to being in this all together.

What Will The Zero Point Foods Be?

Zero point foods will include the same list of

  • non starchy vegetables
  • fruits (except for diabetics)
  • lean chicken
  • lean turkey
  • lean fish
  • tofu
  • non-fat cottage cheese
  • plain non-fat Greek yogurt
  • beans
  • eggs
  • corn
  • lentils
  • peas
  • air popped popcorn

Check out some of my favorite recipes while we wait to hear more about these changes to Weight Watchers for 2023!

What Do You Think About The New Changes?

I'm definitely excited to have everyone back together. It's going to be a lot of work updating the recipes and getting the points back together, but it will be worth it! I was very happy with the WW Freestyle program and if this new program is as similar as it looks, then I'm all for it! Share your thoughts in the comments below and tell me how I can help you during this transition!

Why Is Weight Watchers Successful?

  • Weight Watchers was ranked #5 (tied) in Best Weight-Loss Diets overall, among 40 diets evaluated by U.S. News and their expert panelists. Weight Watchers defines healthy long-term weight loss as the likelihood of maintaining weight loss for two years or more, based on available evidence.
  • Weight Watchers offers both expert-led virtual and in-person workshops with practical tools and behavior-change techniques.
  • Weight Watchers is the number one doctor-recommended weight loss program.
  • Weight Watchers provides direction, encouragement, and a strong support network in the form of coaches and fellow group members.
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  1. Pat aka "Business Shaman" on WW says:

    Really nice cite. I like yor recipes and articles and have many of each of my own if you’d like. I was 213 at highest and have been around 155 for 3 years, wow , no 4. I;ve bounced up again before (from 116, which was too little, up to my highest) but I think I’ve got this now. Doc says I;m underwt for my age. LOVE cutting sugar and slipping into clothes!!!!