Weight Watchers (WW), now known as WW International, has been a leading weight loss program for decades, providing support, resources, and community to millions of people worldwide. WW is adapting to changes in the weight loss industry by closing or relocating many in-person studios. In this post, we will explore the reasons behind this decision and the new ways WW will continue to support its members on their weight loss journeys.

Reasons Behind Weight Watchers Studio Closures and Changes

Decreased attendance at in-person studios: With the rise of virtual support options, there has been a decrease in attendance at in-person studios. Members are now looking for more flexible options to support their weight loss goals.

Transition to more virtual and remote support options: With the COVID-19 pandemic, many weight loss programs shifted to virtual support, and WW is no exception. Members can now attend workshops from the comfort of their own homes, which is convenient and offers greater flexibility.

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Studio Changes and Adjustments

  • Some studios remaining open with new meeting times: Despite the studio closures, some locations will remain open with new meeting times. Members can still attend in-person meetings at these studios.
  • Relocation of meetings to churches, hotels, and VA halls: In some areas, meetings will be relocated to churches, hotels, and VA halls. This provides a safe and comfortable space for members to attend workshops.
  • Complete closure of some locations, offering only virtual meetings: Some studios will close entirely and will only offer virtual meetings. Members can still attend these meetings through the WW app or website.

The Shift Towards Virtual Support

Closure of local virtual (Zoom) workshops led by local leaders: WW has decided to close local virtual workshops led by local leaders. This is to streamline and simplify the virtual meeting process, offering members more consistent support.

Continuation of national virtual workshops with multiple times available throughout the day: WW will continue to offer national virtual workshops with multiple times available throughout the day. This provides members with greater flexibility to attend meetings at a time that suits their schedule.

Checking the Status of Your WW Workshops

Step-by-step guide on how to check the status of in-person meetings in your area using the WW app: WW has created a step-by-step guide to help members check the status of in-person meetings in their area using the WW app. This ensures that members can easily find a workshop near them.

Lifetime Membership Changes

For Lifetime members without access to in-person meetings, WW will offer virtual meetings as an alternative. If they are not within a 50-mile radius of an in-person workshop, they will receive a one-year extension of their WW account.

WW's New Medical Weight Loss Program

Acquisition of Sequence, a telehealth program for prescription weight loss medications: WW has acquired Sequence, a telehealth program for prescription weight loss medications. This will provide members with additional tools to support their weight loss journey.

Overview of the WW Medication program and its benefits: The WW Medication program will be available to eligible members, offering access to prescription weight loss medications under the guidance of a healthcare provider. This program will complement the existing WW program and provide members with an additional tool to support their weight loss goals.

Weight Watchers Points Plan for 2023

WW is adapting to changes in the weight loss industry by closing or relocating many in-person studios and shifting towards virtual support options. Despite these significant changes, WW remains committed to supporting its members' weight loss goals. With the introduction of the WW Medication program, the updated points program, and a continued focus on virtual support, WW is providing members with the tools and resources they need to succeed on their weight loss journey. The future of WW might look different, but its core mission of helping people lose weight and live healthier lives remains strong.

Will Weight Watchers Change in 2024?

As of October of 2023, no information has been released regarding changes to Weight Watchers for 2024. I believe it is safe to assume that the plan will stay the same moving forward.

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  1. Diana Munds says:

    In the Champsign Co. You could have atleast left one available meeting open. I Cant afford to drive 54mi one way to a meeting. I think you should rethink keeping the meeting place at the Regency Hotel open in Urbana. There was over 50 people attending. Intjonk if you could reopen it. People even Rantoul @ Champaign would be very happy to go there. PLEASE!!!

    1. These closing are definitely affecting a lot of people. I don’t have any affiliation with WW, I’m just here to show you some great recipes that are healthy and delicious! I want to support you no matter what diet plan you are following. It’s just about being healthy.

  2. Deirdre (Dee) Monk says:

    I missed two meetings back in December due to predicted weather here in Eau Claire Wisconsin. I did not receive a notice about the first closing until the next day. I did receive a notice for the second meeting being closed again due to weather. Apparently there was a meeting online. However I did not have a working computer at that time. I asked someone on connect and told her that since I didn’t have a working computer I had missed two meetings for reasons beyond my control. that was not an option. She just said I couldn’t get a credit because there was an online option. It was a snarky response. I did not have a working computer. I feel that I wasn’t heard. I find that I am having a hard time getting back into the groove with the program now and I’m gaining my weight back. I am still angry. And I had been paying full price for 4 years before the pandemic. Plus I became a lifetime member back in 1982. I now want to quit at the end of this month. I think asking for a credit was a reasonable request. Very disappointing.


    1. I can definitely understand the frustration. I’m not affiliated with Weight Watchers in any way, I just write recipes for healthier eating and make it friendly for those who are on the plan. I’m here to support you no matter what journey you’re on!!

  3. Sorry I will no longer support ww due to the fact of closing our workshop you not only hurt me as a lifetime member but so many others it’s not like u don’t have the money to keep workshop open cause this program is very expensive and that how I lose my weight by being with other members and have a good coach..

    1. I’m not personally affiliated with WW, I’m just supporting the members by sharing recipes and resources they can use. These recipes are still great to use with for a healthy way of eating!

  4. Barbara Solares says:

    I feel we are heading into the abyss; nothing is personalized anymore. humans beings, being with human, and sharing moments, laughter, recipes is so important on maintaining our weight so we can be healthy. Everything now is online, do you think it’s personalized I don’t think so. It’s wasting your life away, sitting in front of a computer. I am an old customer that loves walking in, and sharing moments with Irene; now that it’s all gone. And I will not join weight watchers again.

    1. I can understand your views. It’s certainly hard to connect with others. Whether you are a part of WW or just eating healthier, I hope you’ll join our Facebook group to stay connected other people like us! Even online, we can find connections.

  5. Cannot find open offices in Fort Myers????? HELP

    1. I’m not affiliated with Weight Watchers, but I did locate these for you:

      WW Studio @ North Fort Myers Community of Christ
      368 Herron Road
      FORT MYERS, FL 33903

      WW Studio @ Elegant Studios Event Center Fort Myers
      1901 Brantley Road
      FORT MYERS, FL 33907

      WW Studio @ Bonita Shores Club Bonita Springs
      315 West Ave
      BONITA SPRINGS, FL 34134

      WW Studio @ Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association
      2001 Shreve Street
      PUNTA GORDA, FL 33950

      WW Studio @ GFWC Woman’s club of Port Charlotte
      20271 Tappan Zee Dr
      PORT CHARLOTTE, FL 33952

  6. Very frustrating not able to find studio open hours, just workshop times. Doesn’t WW care about us lifers that follow plan, weigh in on a WW scale at home & run into studio once a month to maintain lifetime status. The app is not real user friendly in that respect. I use to be able to find open hours!!! Lifer of 50 years, I do occasionally by products, but I want a lefestyle eating regular food not “ expensive products” that’s why I quit Jenny Craig!! WW taught me how to eat in moderation & nothing was off limits. Awesome recipes offered. What is

    1. It is definitely frustrating, but I’m here for you! While I’m not affiliated with weight watchers, I do try to help their members with recipes and maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle. I’m so glad you are enjoying the recipes! I think your comment may have been cut off, but I’m always here to answer your questions. Feel free to join us on the Facebook group or you can email me directly at info@sassycooking.com

  7. I have been a member since 1973, plenty of ups and downs until finally it clicked! I made goal in 2016 and was attending weekly meetings as a free lifetime member. Now most of the studios are closed and I just go once a month to maintain my status.
    The “temporary” meeting location is 40 minutes away and is small, cramped and crowded. I can hardly hear the speaker. The restroom is in another building that needs a key to use and it’s in terrible shape.( I’d rather hold it)
    What has happened to WW ? Jean Niditch would be so disappointed in what has happened to her successful empire. Please fix this!

    Lifetime Marilyn M
    Maybe you need new people to run it. It’s going downhill fast and I really hate to see this happen.
    I have kept 40 pounds off and I miss the way it was.

    1. You’re not alone! I have heard from so many people about their disappointment with locations closing. While I’m not affiliated with Weight Watchers, please know that I hear you and I support you! If you’re on Facebook, join our support group. It may be virtual, but we’re here for you.

  8. I can’t believe a city like New Orleans has not had an in person meeting in over 2 years. Now you are closing the only meeting place in a nearby suburb and are disclosing zero information. Not the best PR! I’m a lifetime member but this is not new member friendly.
    New Orleans is a foodie haven- WE NEED WW!

    1. So many places shut down their meetings… it really is sad. I’m not affiliated with Weight Watchers specifically, I just calculate points and provide resources for those who need it. However, I do have a support group on Facebook and we’re here for you!

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